Let's Get Ready for 2018-2019... together!

Hampden DuBose Academy’s administration and staff are busy making plans for our growing HDA family. From classrooms updates to new technology updates across campus, our team is hard at work preparing for our best year yet!

Join us in the exciting plans for the upcoming school year. Simply notify us of your family's intent to return to HDA by completing online re-enrollment following the steps below.

Re-enrollment for existing HDA families opens January 22nd, 2018!



Re-enrollment is easier than ever before!

Beginning January 22nd, HDA will send a re-enrollment invitation email with an authentication code & link to our new Admissions & Enrollment portal.

How to re-enroll:

  1. Access the new Admissions & Enrollment portal using the link and authentication code provided in your re-enrollment invitation email from the school.
  2. Create a new account & enter your authentication code when prompted. 
  3. Complete the re-enrollment form and submit any supplementary materials requested.
  4. Upon completing the form, follow the link to FACTS to login (to your existing account) and select a payment plan.
  5. We will process your payment plan and send a 2018-2019 Financial Agreement through FACTS. (No waiting on snail mail!)

Upon acceptance of the new Financial Agreement, your student(s)' place is secured for the 2018-2019 school year at HDA!


I didn't receive my re-enrollment invitation email. Who can I contact?

Re-enrollment invitation emails will go to the email address listed as your primary contact in Alma. Please check your spam folder on this email address, as it's coming from a new system. If you cannot locate the email, please contact the school office at 407.880.4321 or hello@hampdenduboseacademy.com.

I don't have all of the information I need to complete my re-enrollment form. Can I exit out of this page and come back? How do I login? 

Yes! At the bottom of each page is an option to 'Save & Later'. Simply save your progress and return to the portal using the link provided in the initial email. You will login using the new account you created the first time you access the re-enrollment link. 

I don't have a FACTS account. How can I create one?

If you are already enrolled at HDA, follow the steps listed here to create your online tuition payment account through FACTS.

We're excited for another great year together!

If you have any additional questions about re-enrollment, please contact us at 407.880.4321.