a private christian academy

Serving Central Florida since 1934

Hampden DuBose Academy is the result of a God-given vision. Its principles and standards are those of the “pattern shewed in the mount” to its founders, Dr. and Mrs. Pierre W. DuBose. Founded on divine vision, it is carried on with a fresh vision from the Lord day by day: a near vision of the needs of each student and a far vision of a life controlled by Christ in every future career and life venture.

From 1934 until 1980 Hampden DuBose Academy was a Christian boarding school with students from around the world – children of missionaries, Christian leaders, and other parents who wished a Christ-centered education for their children. Hampden DuBose Academy was never closed nor its principles changed.

In 1980, the boarding school became a Christian Day School with kindergarten through eighth grade. Later, a Pre-kindergarten was formed, and in 1996 a high school was added. Named Legacy High School, it related the foundational principles of the high school boarding school to the day school. The year 2000 marked the first graduating class of the day school.

The ultimate purpose of Hampden DuBose Academy – from its inception in 1934 to the current year –  is given in the words inscribed on its seal “Mihi vivere est Christus – For me to live is Christ.”

This is the reason for the existence of the school and the desire of each of its leaders, its board, its faculty and staff, and their prayer for every student who attends. Founded on the Word of God, Hampden DuBose Academy seeks always to honor the Lord Jesus Christ, “Holding forth the Word of life…” Philippians 2:16.