Immersive Technology — not confined to a lab!

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on instant communication and personal technology, it's important that young scholars learn to safely navigate and collaborate using these great tools

With campus-wide WiFi and Google Chromebooks in the hands of each middle and high school student, learning can take place anywhere, at anytime. 


+ Smart classrooms equipped with WiFi, Smart TV displays, projector cameras and more to enrich teaching

+ Carefully monitored, safe access to the internet

+ Integrated Google Tools in the classroom and Work Study program

+ 1:1 Google Chromebooks for grades 5-12

+ Paid work opportunities available to high school students in graphic design, computer networking, office administration and more

+ An online learning system that immerses students in corporate collaborative tools


You won’t see a technology lab on our campus — our students are immersed and employ a wide range of digital tools daily. When technology is at our students’ fingertips, creativity unfolds naturally. The devices they need to make their ideas come to life are right at hand.

Our students collaborate and bring their ideas to life across the campus, daily! We’re amazed with some of the things they dream up.


+ A high school student uses a midday break to perfect her graphic design portfolio and practice hand illustrating from a hammock near the high school classrooms

+ Photography students take their passions beyond the classroom to capturing campus events. DSLR cameras and editing tools are available anytime to our young photographers!

+ An avid guitar player uses concepts from his guitar and music production classes to record at home. He takes home an audio interface to capture his newest composition and work late in the evening - perfecting his newfound passion

+ Two students collaborate and bring a imaginative concept into the palm of their hands on our 3-D printer



From a rich offering of digital and technology-rich electives to Media team & Tech team, our students have plenty of hands-on opportunities to develop their interests in coding, video, photography, music production, lighting production and sound engineering. Our students serve their campus community and showcase their work at special events and weekly chapel services.


Our middle and high school students are using technology daily to discover, collaborate, and learn. We employ web-based collaborative tools that are used by businesses across the globe - not outdated teaching platforms that don’t translate to real world use.

Our students are fluent in modern, web-based tools like Google’s suite of business and collaborative tools, online graphic design platforms and more. 

They collaborate online in day to day learning - from English class to science lab. We believe technology allows our students an enriched and safe learning environment. 


Beginning in Kindergarten, our students are introduced to computer programming - “coding” for short. The demand for software developers in one of the fastest growing job markets. Coding in an essential tools for preparing young students to easily understand computer programming languages and compete in tech-driven economy.


+ K-1st grades are introduced to coding using Bloxels

+ 2nd-5th grades develop their skills in Makey-Makey

+ 4th-5th grades further advance in Hour of Code

Our coding classes center around creating projects that involve individual creative input - perfect for engaging elementary students.