The goal in each of our Four Streams of Education is to teach students how to learn, how to work, and how to serve.

The Four Streams are combined to create the highest quality curriculum.

Our Four Stream approach includes:
Academics: creating value in hard work by challenging the mind
Athletics: encouraging athletic potential to develop and strengthen the body
Creative + Fine Arts: embracing creativity and artistic expression to restore the soul
Service + Work Study: developing essential career and leadership skills while challenging the heart


Read on to learn about the opportunities afforded to HDA students in each stream.


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I. Academics

At HDA, we strive for academic excellence. Our experienced faculty and staff encourage students to truly connect with the subjects they study and understand the value of hard work. They are readily available throughout the day for one-on-one help, conversation, and discipleship. 

Academic aids, tutors, and other professionals serve our campus and provide mentorship to our students. 

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II. Athletics

We encourage students to work hard and play hard! Our students engage in an athletics program that promotes wellness throughout our student body, while also developing their athletic potential.

HDA coaches focus on total body fitness while teaching students the necessary skills to engage in games and use them to create lasting friendships around the world.

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All HDA students are invited to take part in our Fine Arts offerings. We offer classes in Studio Art, Music Theory and Performance, 3-D Design, Photography, Graphic Design, Acting and more!

Through this growing list of fine arts offerings, students are able to embrace their creativity and learn new ways for artistic expression. Our fine arts instructors are professional musicians and artists working in their respective industries while teaching our students how to pursue excellence in their creative ventures.

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HDA offers an on-campus work study program. We offer training in office administration, property management and maintenance, custodial, information technology and computer networking, mechanics, marketing and graphic design, and childcare.

Students are introduced to these professions through service projects in middle school. Beginning in high school, students are able to apply for positions in the work study program while earning fair wages for their work. Students are taught an array of valuable skills, essential to building their resume for college and beyond.

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