With plenty of space to get outside and play, outdoor activities are a regular part of campus life at HDA. All students participate in PE classes twice a week in order to develop optimum personal fitness levels while gaining knowledge, confidence, and self-esteem. 

Students learn how to compete safely and encourage one another's athletic development. Our students are experiencing transformation while learning to love and incorporate an active lifestyle well into their adult years.


+ Physical fitness and wellness are encouraged through PE classes and regular time spent outdoors for all grades

+ A variety of team sports available to all ages

+ Regular recess and access to outdoor space with room to run and play!

+ On-campus weight room for advanced athletic training


As a smaller, community-oriented private school, competitive and team sports are available in response to student interest.

In the past year, our students have participated in:


+ Soccer (recreational leagues and MS competitive league)

+ Track and Field

+ Basketball 

+ Taekwondo

+ Baton and Color Guard