Campus Activity Access Program Form

Completing this form linked below will allow you to gain access to many of the events and activities on campus.

This information will be used to issue you a CAAP ID Card used for:

  • attending field trips,

  • on-campus small group events - like chapels, eating lunch with your student, classroom parties,

  • and any other on-campus event or activity requiring clearance.

Campus “OPEN” events, like the Fall Festival, are open events and do not require this form or an ID Card for participation.

In Alma, events are tagged as “OPEN” or “REQUIRES CLEARANCE”.

Returning parents who have completed the CAAP Application are not required to fill it out again.

Pre-arranged Absence Form

This form is to be used when you are advising the school of a known upcoming planned absence.

While your student is absent they will be responsible for their work. The class and homework requirements can be viewed in Alma (, Google Classroom, or by emailing their teacher (email addresses for each teacher can be found in Alma).

All work is required to be completed within two days of return from the absence.

Please fill out a separate form for each student.

Medical Information Form

All families should update the medical information form for each student yearly.

Once you fill out and submit this form, the information will be updated in your child’s student profile in Alma. Should it become necessary, we will rely on the information in your student’s profile to make decisions and react to the needs of your child.