Academic offering at HDA - Mount Dora Private School

At HDA, we provide quality education that is engaging, intentional, and geared towards developing the whole student - heart, soul, body, & mind.

Our skilled teachers tailor their lessons to meet individual needs while also providing engaging instruction to the entire classroom.

By focusing on the whole child, we provide an exciting academic experience that is appropriately challenging and nurturing.

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K5 through 12th Grade Christian Education

Hampden DuBose Academy’s vision is to see our students living for Christ. Through education and discipleship, students are taught about the powerful impact a life for Christ has on their generation and the lives of others around the world. 

Our curriculum emphasizes a Biblical worldview while providing a learning environment that encourages love, community, and obedience to God’s voice.

Our unique approach to education collectively challenges and grows the character of a child by working the heart, soul, body & mind.

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A Place to Belong

For decades, a key distinction at HDA is the palpable feeling that students belong to a campus family. Our teachers create a nurturing classroom environment where students can explore new concepts and feel supported as they grow. 

Individual learning styles, needs and interests are emphasized across the campus. Our teachers are passionate about seeing their students succeed.

While maintaining a nurturing environment and small class sizes, we also offer an impressive variety of courses for students of all ability levels.

Academic offering at HDA - Mount Dora Private School

Building on a Strong Foundation

Our academic curriculum offers a solid foundation in Science, English, Math, History, Literature, Bible, Foreign Language & Technology. We enrich our core curriculum with an emphasis on athletics, studio and digital arts, drama, music, and a growing list of electives. 


With over 20 elective offerings (and growing!), HDA students can participate in an impressive list of traditional core/college prep and unique supplementary courses.

Elective offerings include:

  • Drama and performing arts

  • Music production & recording

  • Coding

  • Fine Arts

  • Taekwondo

  • Guitar, Percussion, or Band

  • Gardening

  • Shop Class (mechanics, woodworking, machinery, grounds maintenance, etc.)

  • 3-D Design

  • Photography

  • Digital Design, and many more!


Florida Virtual School offers a growing list of enriching courses for individualized learning. The courses are real — just like the certified teachers who teach them.

By integrating FLVS course offerings with our campus environment, student’s can enroll in courses that peak personal interest while finding the support and structure they need to successfully complete a course.

FLVS also offers AP courses for students seeking collegiate level learning and the ability to earn college credit in high school. 



Our academic approach emphasizes discovering and strengthening individual potential. 

Experienced faculty and staff encourage students to truly connect with the subjects they study and understand the value of hard work. 

They are readily available throughout the day for one-on-one help, conversation, and discipleship. Academic aids, tutors, and other professionals serve our campus and provide mentorship to our students. 

All students take part in an active campus lifestyle.

Daily hands-on-learning opportunities means our students see their core classes take flight in everyday experience on a beautiful open-air campus.

Private School Academic offering in Mount Dora Florida
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Integrated Curriculum

Because our focus is on the whole child - heart, mind, soul and body - we realize that our curriculum needs to be integrated in all Four Streams

We encourage activity beyond traditional academics to spur on activity inside the brain.

Our faculty consistently discovers new ways of unlocking the learning potential of each student which naturally leads to teachers working collaboratively. 

  • Writing lyrics in music class, may also be part of a poetry assignment for a high school English class.

  • A geometry student may use his/her newly acquired skills to design a unique structure as part of an art or architecture class project.

  • Our athletic department works with the high school science department when it comes to the science of nutrition as well as anatomy and physiology.

By creating a cross curricular environment and by teachers intentionally working together to develop meaningful curriculum, student learning flourishes. 

Our goal is that our students love to learn!

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The Discovery Program

The Discovery Program utilizes educational specialists to foster each student’s journey to independent thinking by focusing on his/her areas of difficulty and dealing with these challenges during the actual learning process.

The Discovery Program:

  • offers one-on-one & group teaching environments

  • focuses on building academic skills, such as: reading, writing, spelling, math, and written expression

  • enhances thinking and problem solving skills

  • helps students overcome obstacles and pursue independent learning

HDA offers access to an educational therapist on campus in order to assist our students & ease transportation needs for extracurricular tutoring.

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