Students are encouraged to embrace their unique creativity and learn new ways of artistic expression through the Creative + Fine Arts stream. Our Fine Arts instructors are professional musicians and artists working in their respective industries while teaching students to pursue excellence in their own artistic ventures. Students experience first-hand creative entrepreneurship: from inspiration to production.

K-8th grade students are offered bi-weekly classes in Studio Art and Music where they explore foundational concepts and create original works. High school students may choose from a growing list of fine arts electives. From Advanced Music Performance groups to Instrumentation, Acting, Digital Photography and Photojournalism, Graphic Design and 3D Design - we are actively increasing our fine arts department!

From an on campus piano lab and a newly expanded studio arts classroom to our growing graphics lab equipped with the latest Adobe Creative Suite software, students are provided opportunity to explore their interests. Each spring, students are able to display their best creations and compositions to the community at our annual Art & Music Showcase.


+ Bi-weekly art & music classes encourage creativity as a regular part of each student's academic life

+ Private lessons in guitar, voice, piano, and painting offered on-campus

+ On campus piano lab, fine arts studio & graphics lab

+ Classes available in Music & Vocal Performance, Instrumentation, Digital Photography, Graphic Design and more!