2017-2018 School Uniform Policy

Please see the Parent/Student Handbook for complete HDA dress code & uniform policies.


Daily Dress Code:

School uniforms must be clean, neat and in good repair.

HDA branded polo shirts and uniform-style bottoms are worn daily.

Only K-6th grade may wear their PE uniforms to school on PE days. Parents, please consult individual schedules to identify what day your child may dress out of PE. Please see below for detailed information on uniform styles, colors, & ordering.

Students should arrive at school properly dressed and remain so throughout the day.

If you have additional questions or need further information, contact us.

Daily Uniform: HDA School Polo Shirts

HDA branded uniform Polo shirts and PE uniforms are available exclusively through Dennis Uniforms, located in Maitland. All students must wear a uniform polo shirt daily. K-6th grade students may wear their PE uniform all day on their scheduled PE days (see guidelines below).

• K5 - 12th – Black or Royal Blue Polo


Daily Uniform: Khaki Shorts, Skirts, Slacks

You may purchase the uniform shorts, skirts, or slacks at any department store that carries uniform clothing (Target, WalMart, Bealls, JC Penny etc.)

• K5 - 12th – Khaki uniform-style bottoms 

Please note all bottoms must be uniform-style clothing. No jeans, leggings or jean-style clothing.

Shorts and Skirt lengths must be no more than two inches above the knee.


PE Uniform:

PE uniforms must be purchased through Dennis Uniforms.

• K5 - 12th – Grey PE Shirt with HDA Lion Athletic Logo

• Black PE shorts with HDA Lion Athletic Logo


When PE uniforms are worn:

• K5 - 6th – May wear their PE uniform to school on PE days (see individual student schedules)
• 7th - 12th – Must bring their PE uniform to school and dress out before PE class.





Cold Weather Daily Uniform:

For cool days – Solid Navy or Black sweat shirt, hoodie or sweater

For cold days – Heavy jacket of your choice (does not have to be a solid color)

Cold weather daily uniform sweaters may be purchased at any local clothing store.

Please note: jackets & sweatshirts should not have oversized logos or writing visible.


Cold Weather PE Uniform:

While cold weather isn’t a regular concern, student’s participating in PE during the cold days of the year may wear following items:

• Solid black sweatshirt (plain – no logos, stripes, or other embellishments)

• Solid black sweatpants (plain – no logos, stripes, or embellishments)

Cold weather PE Uniforms may be purchased at any local clothing store. 

Daily Wear - Shoes:

Due to our active campus life at Hampden DuBose Academy, students must wear athletic/tennis shoes daily. 

Shoes must be worn while on the school campus at all times.


School Polo & PE Uniform Ordering Information:

HDA daily uniform polos, PE shirts & shorts are offered exclusively through Dennis School Uniforms.

Dennis School Uniforms
1101 N. Keller Rd.
Orlando, Fl32810

Please call ahead to verify their store hours.


Online Ordering is available!

• Use School Code: EDD

2017 - 2018 Dress Code