We're Better Together.

We partner with parents to grow the character of your child by challenging the heart, mind, soul, & body.

Your child's education is enriched by this teacher/parent partnership, our excellent academic offering and rich campus community.

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K5 through 12th Grade Christian Education

Hampden DuBose Academy’s vision is to see our students living for Christ. Through education and discipleship, students are taught about the powerful impact a life for Christ has on their generation and the lives of others around the world. Our curriculum emphasizes a Biblical worldview while providing a learning environment that encourages love, community, and obedience to God’s voice.

HDA offers excellent private education for K5 – 12th grade.

Download our K-6th Grade Curriculum Map here or 7-12th Curriculum Map here.

Integrated Curriculum

Because our focus is on the whole child - heart, mind, soul and body - we realize that our curriculum needs to be integrated in all Four Streams. We encourage activity beyond traditional academics to spur on activity inside the brain. Our faculty consistently discovers new ways of unlocking the learning potential of each student which naturally leads to teachers working collaboratively. 

For example, writing lyrics in music class, may also be part of a poetry assignment for a high school English class. A geometry student may use his/her newly acquired skills to design a unique structure as part of an art or architecture class project. Our athletic department works with the high school science department when it comes to the science of nutrition as well as anatomy and physiology.

By creating a cross curricular environment and by teachers intentionally working together to develop meaningful curriculum, student learning flourishes. Our goal is that students love to learn!

Individual Attention

Special care and attention is given to each student. Our staff provides individual attention to ensure a healthy learning environment, while also recognizing the student’s unique learning style and needs.

Accessible Staff & Teachers

HDA teachers are accessible to our students & parents. Due to the unique nature of the campus community and small class sizes, teachers are able to make themselves available throughout the day for one-on-one help, conversation, and discipleship. Teacher’s assistants and tutors provide additional help to students during class time as well as after school.

Meet our staff & find contact information on the Faculty & Staff page.

Annual Activities & Community Involvement

HDA stays active in our local community. We encourage students and faculty to join in frequent extracurricular activities and campus hosted events, such as Blue/White Day, the Annual Fall Festival, local parades and festivals, and the annual Christmas production.

The Discovery Program

The Discovery Program utilizes educational specialists to foster each student’s journey to independent thinking by focusing on his/her areas of difficulty and dealing with these challenges during the actual learning process.

The Discovery Program:

  • offers one-on-one & group teaching environments
  • focuses on building academic skills, such as: reading, writing, spelling, math, and written expression
  • enhances thinking and problem solving skills
  • helps students overcome obstacles and pursue independent learning

HDA offers access to an educational therapist on campus in order to assist our students & ease transportation needs for extracurricular tutoring.